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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


For anyone who is late getting into Potter-mania, here's a hardcover copy of the second Harry Potter book: Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets. Thankfully, it's only very slightly damaged:

I'm not sure what in the hell happened to this book, but it looks to me like it took a lot of effort to get it into this shape. I, of course, have a number of theories on this. Perhaps someone rescued it from one of those book-burnings that the zany Religious Right loves to stage in protest of anyone reading anything creative.

Or it could have been a magical battle of epic proportions--probably not unlike the events that ultimately killed Harry's parents in the beginning of the series. I imagine some poor Muggle, minding his or her own business, living luxuriously in their spacious one- or two-bedroom apartment (located conveniently in the Hollywood Hills!) when some evil Slytherins found their way in and destroyed everyone and everything beyond recognition.

When the maintenance crew cleaned up, they found a baby clutching this book which, somehow, prevented the attack on him from being fatal. The book, of course, was scarred beyond repair.

Or maybe--just maybe--the former owner of this book dropped it in the toilet and let the dog chew on it for a while before leaving the filthy thing out for her neighbors. Maybe someone in the building is a Mudblood and can put it back together! Where's Hermione when you need her?

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