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Monday, January 14, 2008

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Up for grabs this morning (And all weekend long, actually) are these pair of torn CK jeans...

They clearly belonged to some actressy-type in the building, or perhaps a small child, for they are pretty much microscopic. The jeans, along with the next few items, have been sitting in the laundry room for days, which is quite surprising, considering the objects' level of quality:

For example, take this very hip beige vest. . .

I can't wrap my brain around why this piece of heaven is still waiting for someone to claim it.
Oh wait..Maybe it's because right here, on the back. . . a giant, gross lower back sweat stain!
I'm forced to wonder if whoever left this tried to wash it, and just left it down there when they discovered the stain wasn't coming out.

I'm also forced to wonder if whoever left this, also had the same thought process when leaving their white labcoats from Texas Tech School of Medicine. On first glance, these bright, white coats look brand new. . .

...aside from the BLOOD STAINS on them.

Hi, I live with murderers! And it's not the first time a killer walked these halls--The Hillside Strangler used to live here. Ahh! Everybody RUN!

On a side note, as it turns out, the whipping cream from the last post actually belonged to my roommate. He claims that he got it from work, and that it "smells like crap." Since it was taking up too much room, he placed it downstairs in the laundry room.


I'm wondering if he left today's last item--a lovely purse/backpack combo.

It has three zipper compartments, perfect for holding onto your wallet, keys, glasses and any severed heads you might be carrying around.
Luxury Living in the Hollywood Hills, indeed.

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