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Monday, January 21, 2008

Idiot with a BMW!

Last week was a little light on the NeighborGoodies. Part of the reason could be that the elevators--the main gateway to the floor with the laundry on it-- were broken for most of that time. But don't worry. . .a paper sign posted over the elevators assured us that "a technician is on the way!" Apparently, he walked all the way from Mexico to fix our elevators. They broke again almost immediately afterwards.

But that's neither here nor there. The only thing I've found at Neighbor Goodies central (other than a copy of the Sunday Comics from January 13th) is the following DVD about your brand new BMW!

"Passion for Performance: An Insider's Guide to your BMW"

You'll notice that the case indicates that this is a collector's edition of this DVD. Whoever grabbed this really struck gold!

It's a "must see for every BMW Owner!" I didn't pop the disc in, but I'm guessing there are detailed instructions on How to Act Like You Own the Road and How to be a Jackass Even When You Aren't Driving.

I'm not saying that every BMW Owner is an idiot...I know several people who have them or had them, and they're all verynice. I'm just saying that there are a lot of arrogant asses on the road in LA. And many of them just happen to drive these things.

Do we think there are any Beamer drivers out there who would buy a new car for the sole purpose of getting this ultra-rare collectors' edition DVD? My answer is Yes.

How this BMW owner ever parted with this disc is beyond me. I'm not even sure how they had the time to drop this DVD off in the laundry room, since almost everyone in a BMW seems to be verybusy cutting me off every time I'm on the freeway.

I just checked on eBay...someone is trying to sell this DVD for FIFTY bucks.

Maybe I should start collecting these NeighborGoodies myself. . .

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davelip said...

BMW'S are like Hemmroids, sooner or later, every asshole gets one.