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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Luxury Giving. . .

"Luxury Living in the Hollywood Hills." That's the slogan for the 100 unit apartment complex I live in. When they were coming up with this stroke of marketing genius, no one seemed bothered by the fact that we aren't actually IN the Hills of Hollywood. Of course, they also overlooked the fact that this isn't exactly Luxury Living, I guess everyone loses.

The building is, essentially, a pile of trash. This is most evident in our laundry room, where the table normally used to fold your freshly laundered shirts and jeans has been transformed into a unsupervised garage sale of sorts. For the five-plus years I've lived here, people have been placing their unwanted, unneeded objects in the laundry room for others to take. Everything from electronics to magazines, from books to computer software, from toys to stockings...I've seen it all.

The best part never see anyone leaving these items. They just appear and disappear. (Sometimes only to reappear again days or weeks later. . .)

Clearly, someone needs to showcase these transient items before they are absorbed into the lives of some other lucky resident. Our first group of items looks like it was lifted directly from the set of Cagney & Lacey:

This rainbow snakeskin belt is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Long, thin and covered in enough colors to make Jackson Pollock vomit, this piece of heaven conjures up many questions in my crazy little head. Who would wear this? And to where? And can I go?

In my wildest dreams, the person who designed this atrocity lives in my building...having lost his or her home when her designs failed to hit it big in LA.

Judging from the rest of today's find, however, I would guess these items probably belonged to the hip septuagenarian who used to run this building. She still lives here, even though she was forced to retire a year or two ago.

A wonderful milky white purse the size of my car!

This tattered off-white belt probably matched the purse perfectly at the time of purchase. Now, not so much. . .

I think you can see this black belt and purse combo on any of the ladies from Designing Women...including Meshach Taylor

She's amazing, and was probably pretty hot back when the world was in black and white. The building lost a lot of its charm when the new management took over. In fact, I seem to remember them trying to keep this laundry table clean when they first came on the scene. Good job, everyone.

I'll write again when there are more NeighborGoodies* downstairs!

*Special thanks to Cristin, who provided the genius name for this blog!