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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bed, Bath & Beyond

The other night when I came home, I saw a pile of clothes neatly folded on the Goodies table. I assumed they were someone's laundry, but then noticed the sign posted above them.

As my accomplice/roommate kept watch, I snapped photos of the free items which, upon first look, were a pretty decent take, like these warm looking flannel sheets. . .

. . .or these stylish 1980s style bedsheets. . .

But one has to wonder who in their right mind is picking up used sheets in a dirty laundry room? Especially when a closer look reveals the following piece of nastiness on the pillowcase:

Whoever was sleeping on this pillow clearly had a case of Jizzy-eye. Part of me wanted to see if the sheets also had matching stains, just for the home viewers...but my roommate talked me out of it. I'm concerned by the fact that many of the items placed on the table have random stains on them. I'm starting to wonder if the stains were there before, or if there is some mysterious Jizz Marauder who is just abusing the NeighborGoodies.

If that is the case, he clearly cleaned himself off with these towels...

...which were crunchy to the touch.

I also am confused by these tiny little washcloths...
...which, I think, are probably for babies. But I gotta say...if someone takes these for their children, they really ought to be ashamed of themselves--especially since they are raising their kids in this building.

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