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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A (not quite) Stainless Steal

After finishing my first post, I decided that my cell phone's low-quality photos weren't going to cut it, so I marched back down to the laundry room to take new photos of the accessories, but alas, they were all gone. They were snatched up pretty quickly, likely from one of the wannabe actors or actress who plague the halls of the building. Those accessories will no doubt wind up as the basis for some hilarious 80's style sketch on youtube in the coming weeks. I can't wait.

Coming back from the gym this morning, I found this filthy item:

This tiny Ikea pot that is probably ten years old and covered with stains and rust. I guess if you're going to get rid of something, why bother cleaning it? Just cook your mac & cheese for dinner and, rather than rinse it out, take the pot right from the stove top and deposit it onto the giveaway table.

Perhaps the most terrifying piece of today's post is the fact that the gross, unidentifiable stain on the laundry table is eerily similar to the rust stain inside of the pot:

What do we think this is?

Did the pot cause the stain? Or vice versa? After looking at the photos, I began to wonder what would happen if I placed the stain on the pot directly on top of the jizz stain on the table. Would it unlock the magical laundry-land where all the missing socks go? Or would I be transported to some college dorm room where this thing no doubt spent most of its life?

I went down to try it out, but the pot was mere hour after my discovery of it.

You've gotta act quick if you want to cash in on these opportunities, I guess. For what it's worth...the stain is still there. Ofcourseitis.

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