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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Emmy Award Winning TV Dinner

Let's face it....TV's been in a pretty sad state because of the Writers' strike. But today's treasure includes everything you'll need to host a TV Night/Dinner party, if there are ever any new shows.

First, you'll need a can opener to pry open the canned string beans or tuna that you will be serving your guests. You'll also need a knife and cutting board to slice the homemade bread you've quite possibly cooked.

Then, of course, you'll need some matching plates to serve your food and beverages !

If the fruit design isn't quite for you, you can always utilize this quieter pattern:

Or, barring that, you could use this unique laundry-room-table blue plate, for any specials you may be serving or watching:

Now it's time for the main course, and you'll need this wooden spoon and metal scooper to serve the casserole you've no doubt made for the occasion:

After dinner, it's time to clean up! Your guests will almost certainly want to take the leftovers home, so be sure to use this designer Rose-colored Reynolds Wrap!

...which, since you're the perfect hostess, matches your pants!! The crowd loves it!

You can't have a dinner party without generating some trash, so someone was kind enough to leave this lovely receptacle for you:

...which is already filled with what looks to be an incredible combination of laundry detergent (or cocaine) and hair!

Now it's time for dessert:

...this 2007 Dove Emmy gift-bag exclusive...which will immediately be picked clean!

Of course, no TV dinner would be complete without this amazing Zenith 19" TV to watch your favorite shows!

...with Remote!

If the writers' strike continues, and you start having TV Parties for reruns of, say, The Love Boat, might I suggest this beautiful lei that someone was gracious enough to leave as well:

Great! Now you're all set up for your dinner party! But if you're the person who picked up the spices from the last post, I might eat before I get there.

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