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Monday, February 4, 2008

Worst Mix Tape Ever

This weekend, the NeighborGoodies table was home to Seven random CDs:

In this collection, we've got HAYDEN's Everything I Long For, The soundtrack for the Twin Peaks TV Series, and ANI DIFRANCO's To The Teeth as well as her live album Living In Clip.

The presence of the Ani DiFranco CDs makes me wonder if the woman who left her Diva shirt last week is behind today's Goodies as well. She also left behind Fire by Electric Six. . .

The jewel case is destroyed, but I don't think this was a mere accident. I think it was sabotage--an attempt to hide some evidence. Evidence that is left behind on the final two CDs:

First up: The Civil War: The Complete Work is a two-disc set featuring songs by artists such as Hootie & The Blowfish and Patti Labelle, as well as, I imagine, dramatic readings from folks like Ellen Burstyn, Danny Glover and Maya Angelou. I have no idea what this thing is, but I do know that this particular copy was pilfered from the Bloomfield Township Public Library in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan...along with Marie Christine: A New Musical:

Marie Christine starred Audra McDonald and opened on Broadway December 2, 1999 and closed a mere 42 performances later on January 9, 2000. I couldn't really ascertain what this musical was about, other than it was set in New Orleans in "the gay 90's," which, as it turns out, occurred in the late 19th century as opposed to when I had originally thought. While not a major hit on Broadway (although it was nominated for five Tony Awards) this original cast recording scored big in Bloomfield, MI during its first six months in the library. After being checked out practically once per month since record-keeping began, its popularity declined rapidly, only being checked out once during 2002, 2003 and 2004--when it was removed permanently from the stacks.

Both the Civil War and Marie Christine were due back at the Bloomfield Public Library on April 15, 2004... Only they weren't brought back. They were taken from their native Michigan and transported in a dastardly scheme to Southern California. The Diva who stole them must have known the heat was on her and relocated to LA, assuming a different identity in the process. The only thing left to do was ditch the evidence. And ditch it she did, right into the laundry room.

The perfect crime. . . Or is it?

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JR said...

HAYDEN's Everything I Long For is a VERY GOOD cd! I used to play it on the radio back in college.

Hayden really is VERYNICE.