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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not just Closer to Free...

...but ACTUALLY free!

Oh, I love me some pop culture items--especially when they're free! This XL hoodie from the 1994 hit Fox series Party of Five somehow found its way out of the hands of a trusty crew member (or Suncoast shopper) and onto the NeighborGoodies pile eight full years after the show's cancellation:

This piece of swag, with the show's logo emblazoned on the chest, is pretty well-worn, but it is a must-have for any fan of the show!

One of my first celebrity sightings when I moved to LA was Party of Five star Scott Wolf at the Rite Aid on Fairfax. My first roommate and I were buying toiletries when she spotted the petite actor in the checkout lane next to us. She called him "Hot Wolf" at the time. I made some lame height joke: "More like 'Party of Five-FIVE'!" You know...cuz he's small.

Would that joke have read better if I wrote: Party of 5'5"?

Maybe.'s the show's opening credits for you to enjoy:

And now, you're free to go. Because everybody really does want to be closer to free.

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