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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Someone in the building is clearly shopping for a car, and the timing couldn't be better for me. My ten-year-old car, the Turquoise Bullet, is really starting to show signs of age. I took it into my mechanic this weekend for an oil change, and it wound up costing me a big pile of money that I wasn't really ready to part with.

So I was psyched to find some car buying literature on the NeighborGoodies table today:

This stuff for the 2008 Honda Accord is very informative. I assume that whichever neighbor left this stuff on the Goodies table was also handed this copy of Motor Trend during their Test Drive of the All New Accord:

And while they were out considering the 2008 Accord, my trusty Neighbor happened upon a Volkswagon dealership and also looked into the 2008 GTI MkV:

Now, if these were my only two options and I had to buy a car right this second based solely upon what I've found in Neighbor Goodies Central, here's what I'd say:

There isn't a huge price difference between these two cars, and without test driving either of them, I would probably go with the Volkswagon, if only because of my favorite feature on the car: The Integrated Logo. It just seems as though the folks at VW put it there just to fuck with you...and I've gotta respect that.

Of course, since I just spent a pile of money to have my car fixed...buying a car will have to wait. And although I've driven the car more than 115,000 miles and lord knows I've done more than my share of damage to it, I can rest assured knowing that the Turquoise Bullet will continue to ride smoothly for a long, long time.

How can I be so sure? Because this is my repair guy:

So until it's completely destroyed, you can look for me as I dance around the Turquoise Bullet...because Harry fixed it.

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