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Thursday, February 21, 2008

These items are, I'm sure, are happily left behind.

This Coyote Ugly shirt represents the worst of the worst to me: The female counterpart to the guy who left behind these shirts. This girl is hopefully on the path to non-douchiness. Perhaps the next step is covering up her tramp stamp. (If she can figure out a way to leave it on the NeighborGoodies Table, I'll be quite impressed.)

She was clearly the type of girl who wore sparkling shirts to the gym, but has clearly turned her back on this lifestyle.

She has also gotten rid of a lot of her work clothes. I imagine her in a Dilbert-like office environment, her co-workers thinking she's "totally outrageous and hilarious" because she flirts with the boss and probably swears in the lunch room.

To her credit, she is getting rid of the whore-pants that make her look like the office skank:

She also contributed this sweater...
...which actually holds the world's record for the highest turtleneck in history!

These jeans also found their way down. . .
. . .along with this pair of headache-inducing plaid pants.
They remind me of the ties we had to wear in grade school. Except ours also had orange lines in them. Heinous.

I've been searching for an image of them online all day, but I've had no luck.

Whatever. Clothes aren't ever my favorite NeighborGoodie because I find them boring.

The end.

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