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Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

As I arrived home last night, I found this Box of Boo-filled books on the Big Blue Table, just in time for Halloween!

This stash includes a novel by best selling "suspense thriller" author Dean Koontz, and some other books with generically frightening titles...

... like “The Specter” and “The House” and “The House that Jack Built," which, I can only assume, is the terrifying tale of poor craftsmanship, rodents and malt. There's also these fantastic items, like...

...Prom Nights from Hell, which I think is nothing more than a collection of completely accurate reports on real-life school dances. And what Halloween would be complete without horror staple Dial-A-Ghost?

According to one review, this book is "as if one's favorite crazy aunt has dropped by to tell the kind of convoluted and magical story children really want to hear." My aunt once sliced a dude's face open with a razor blade for swearing at her, so as far as I'm concerned, Dial-A-Ghost has a lot to live up to.

It's the story of a boy in an orphanage who suddenly inherits a giant mansion from family that apparently didn't give a damn about him when they were alive. Enter the evil cousins who will own the place should something happen to our hero. The cousins enlist the help of the Dial-A-Ghost service, where you can somehow order designer hauntings. Of course, there's a mix-up at Dial-A-Ghost and they accidentally send a lovely family of gentle spirits to live in the mansion with the boy instead of the evil specters that the cousins ordered--those wound up at a convent. Madcappery ensues and the reader is rewarded with a few scares, some smiles and their Halloween appetite filled for the year!

Personally, I would rather have some peanut-butter cups. But that's just me.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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