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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Low Rate of Interest

It's interesting to me that as the US economy fails and the dollar turns to dust right before our very eyes, that this book was left on the NeighborGoodies Table:

As I was thumbing through the book, fighting the urge to pass out from boredom, I saw plenty of useful information... such as how I can improve my cost reports, or how to identify potential customers. I didn't notice a chapter on what to do in the event of a massive global economic catastrophe, but at least I can learn to make a color spending chart!

I can only assume that whichever NeighborGooder originally had this book hurriedly dropped it off in the laundry room on their way to commit suicide. Perhaps the book is even more boring than I had initally thought... or maybe they ran their business' numbers and were disappointed when the color chart was covered in red, indicating their plummeting profit margin.

Of course, no chart (color or otherwise) could ever measure your success when you're Living in Luxury in the Hollywood Hills!™

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