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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Inside Edition

Today, the NeighborGoodies Table is filled with Things that can contain Other Things.

(*Other Things Not Included!)
First up, there's this black square plastic item...

...featuring a palm tree and bird design on the lid. I'm not sure, but I think it's a mid 80's jewelry box--possibly from the set of Dynasty. It is certainly big enough for any giant cubic zirconia earrings that were popular during that era.

And there's this Shiny Item which looks like a Christmas tree ornament...
...but actually opens up to reveal a smooth red velvet center!
This piece is perfect for any rings you may want to store, with plenty of room for any fingers they may still be attached to!

Then there's this container that was once filled with 100% Excellent High Mountain Organic Japanese Red Tea Powder...
...but now, for some reason, is filled to the brim with smooth black stones:

And you can store all of them items and more in this fancy leopard-print whore-purse!

Because who doesn't want a sack of rocks...
...especially this close to Halloween!

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Meghann said...

Wait ... explain to me again why we aren't being that for Halloween?