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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Key Club

Well, there are still no winners yet for our first-ever GET THE GOODIE contest! But more on that in a moment...

First up, we've got a brand new NeighborGoodie:

This license plate frame says "KCI ROCKS!" and identifies the driver as a member of the Key Club. This annoyed the crap out of me because I recently became a member of the angry-people-with-no-keys club. It's a different club altogether, but it still angered me. (Read all about that over at All Bitched Up if you must. But be warned, it's profanity-laden and dripping with ire.)

At first, I thought perhaps KCI Stood for Kandy Cane Isdelicious:

But, alas, it is the Key Club International, which is a high school organization that is supposed to teach leadership of some sort or something. More importantly, you'll recognize that Candy Cane from its appearance the other day next to the Goodie you're supposed to be Guessing in the first-ever NeighborGoodies Contest!

We've had lots of great guesses over the past few days, but no one has even come close to figuring out what is inside of this Fruity Box.

And's your first hint: Although decorated with Lemons and Limes, the item contained within the box is not edible or scented in any way. Which means, although you technically could do both, this object is not meant to be tasted or sniffed. You'll have to use your other senses. You've got three more of them.

I feel this should go without saying, but this object also is not meant to be placed into your hoo-ha, cannot be used to clean anything up... and, most importantly, is not "Tiny Lemon-Flavored People."

For those of you who have already guessed today before the hint--go ahead and take another crack at it. To give everyone a fair chance, your one-guess-per-day will start again NOW. For the rest of you, get to guessing! Leave your best theories in the comments section of this post and if you can correctly identify what's in the box, you'll win this Mystery Goodie, and, more importantly, you'll earn bragging rights as being the first person ever to win a NeighborGoodies Contest!


Mary said...

Howdy neighbor --
That's a gameboard -- and inside are chess and/or checkers pieces. Tell you what; if I win, how 'bout you keep the game??

Ludovica said...

audio cassettes? jeez I am stumped

Anne said...

I left my guess on the other post, but I am leaving the same guess here.

Stickers, fuzzy ones.

Ludovica said...

Ohh well 6th feb now
I cant eat or taste it, I cant smell or sniff it so its something to see hear or feel, but it doesnt clean anything, so its not tissues it must be... Pencils????