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Friday, January 9, 2009

Media Frenzy

In preparation for the Digital TV switchover here in the States, one NeighborGooder has donated all of their "classic" non-digital receivers and media to the Big Blue Table:

This rabbit ears attached to this Daewoo television initially made me think it was a 40 year old black and white set. However, this sticker tells a different story:

“Everyone loves a DVD…. New for 2005.”

I don’t understand. Did Daewoo just catch on to the DVD Bandwagon four years ago? Hadn’t Daewoo heard of DVD's for the first 10 years of their existence?

I suppose it's possible that this TV set really is in black and white; I mean if Daewoo is excited about this fancy "new" feature called a DVD player, perhaps color isn't something they've achieved yet. After all, they are still manufacturing TV's with rabbit-ears on them:

They have a remote, so some technology has clearly influenced them. I wonder if this was their first TV model without a VCR attached?

Speaking of VCRs: here's a semi-decent selection of movies that might actually be worth taking, if they weren't on VHS:

And, of course, what Media Cleanse would be complete without a sack of 80's Hair Metal Band cassette tapes...

...mixed in with various highlighters, Sharpies and pens?

So, if you are looking for some late 80's, early 90's era media and markers, the Luxurious Hollywood Hills has once again proven to be your one-stop-shop.


Kate said...

I would have been all over this stuff... 15 years ago. Well, except for the cassettes. I never got into hair bands.

Anonymous said...

Do you sell any of this stuff?

Jeff! said...


No, I'm afraid I don't sell any of the items... My apartment would collapse under the sheer amount of garbage that no one would buy. I think the cassettes are still down there if you want me to pick some up for you...

InALittleMinute said...

wow.. looks like somebody got a new chrissie present.. hello plasma!

Ludovica said...

Who throws away Sharpies?