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Friday, November 14, 2008

Radio Free Radio

Back in the height of the summer, someone put everything you could possibly need for a day at the beach on the NeighborGoodies table, including this portable CD Player...

...whose cover did not close properly, leaving it only useful as a radio or laser-guided weapon.

Today, in a NeighborGoodies Rerun... that radio has returned....
...sans antenna:
This means, of course, that someone took this semi-broken radio off the NeighborGoodies table, broke it even more, then put it back onto the NeighborGoodies table three months later, completely devoid of all intended functions.

Some possible unintended functions:
Suicide Aid (*Pool or bathtub not included)
Food Processor
Decorative Candle Holder
Cereal Bowl
Magic Wand (*Antenna Only)

I just have to point out now that the NeighborGooder who super-broke this thing clearly had the opportunity to throw it out in his apartment with a lot less effort. How does laziness not win out in a case like this? This guy had to pass several different trash cans, trash bags and trash chutes on his way down to redeposit this item on the Big Blue Table. Does he feel as though he owed it to the table? Is it a sacrifice to the NeighborGods?

All I know for sure is that if this thing reappears early next year, completely split in half, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

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Kmkibble75 said...

perhaps it could be used as a tiny potter's wheel.