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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If I Can Make It Here. . .

Hollywood! It's the land where dreams either come true or turn into nightmares. Every year, a kabillion people come here to follow their passions. A very low percentage of us ever make it. Obviously, I'm one of the lucky few who gets to live out their dream by writing about other people's garbage. One such garbage-leaver seems to have lucked out as well, as they left off a bunch of school supplies:

Since it's the middle of November, I have to assume that whichever NeighborGooder left behind these festive folders and binders, likely decided to drop out of school. I imagine she moved here over the summer in order to set up a Luxurious Life in the Hollywood Hills, where she would be free to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress/singer/waitress. In order to have her family's monetary support in this excursion, she promised to enroll in classes, studying such useful things as Ancient Egypt...

...although judging by her neon green and purple school supplies, she never really took her education seriously:

I mean, who can study pyramids and decode hieroglyphs with all that straw-based wackiness? Especially when it matches your ruler and pencil sharpener? And also: People still sharpen pencils?

Anyway, she dropped out of classes once her career started to take off, which would explain the fliers for the crappy plays that have been plastered all over the building. I do wish her well in her future endeavors, but I do think she made one fatal career move when she got rid of the one thing everyone needs to make it in Hollywood:

This square, recorkable, hand-painted bottle of vodka! Which will serve some other NeighborGooder well when combined with a wacky straw and a dream.

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