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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Turning Japanese

Apparently, someone from Japan is now living in luxury in the Hollywood hills. . .or maybe someone is simply obsessed with Japanese Culture:

Despite not reading or speaking Japanese, I assume that inside of Japanese CEO Magazine, you'll find interesting articles explaining how to become a successful CEO of your very own Japanese Business! According to this article, the secret to success seems to be all about what kind of tie you wear.

The Japanese are very innovative with their business-wear! But CEO Magazine isn't just about business. Whoever dropped off these magazines left one specific issue open to a page with pictures depicting the aftermath of the earthquake in China from May, along with this note:

Living in Earthquake country, these pictures do tell an astounding story of the devastation an earthquake can cause. I must note, however, that I'm confused by the NeighborGooder's choice of writing a note (with words) to tell us that these pictures need no words to tell us about the devastation.

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Anonymous said...

Jeff, it's Korean...