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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Going Down?

Over the years, the elevators here in this fine establishment I like to call home have been spotty at best. They were constantly breaking down, only working about 30% of the time. This prompted a 'major upgrade' last year, after which they immediately stopped working altogether. This is a problem, as the elevators are the most convenient way to get to the NeighborGoodies Table--especially for the heavy things.

Recently, a new upgrade project was initiated and as of this weekend, both elevators were restored to proper working order, much to the shock of everyone in the building.

Even more shocking is the fact that after two full days of uninterrupted service (a record!), I found part of the newly-working (but-now-broken-again) elevators on the NeighborGoodies Table:

Here, we have the frosted translucent glass that once covered the overhead lights in the elevators. There is also what looks to be a fan... although it could very well be the motor or the brakes for all I know. Either way, if the elevators are going to wind up on the NeighborGoodies table piece by piece, I'm taking the stairs.

Apparently, the building management has just given up on having elevators at all, and are donating them to anyone who might like to build one in the comfort of their own home! Finally, a way for you to access those hard-to-reach areas!

Or perhaps this is a cry for help. Maybe they want the residents to take a crack and fixing these things, since whoever they're hiring doesn't seem to be working out. Or maybe they're working on extending the elevator shaft directly to hell. That might take a while.

Oh wait... no it won't.

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