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Friday, May 30, 2008

Peach Pit

One of the things I like about the NeighborGoodies table is that a virtual potpourri of items can be found there. Sometimes even Actual Potpourri can be found there:

When I walked into NeighborGoodies Central, I was overpowered by some sort of fruity stench. (Not to be confused with Judi Dench, who was not on the NeighborGoodies table.)

I noticed the bag on the table and looked at the label closely:

The Peach Potpourri left an indelible mark on my nose. . .it smelled like someone was making a batch of homemade peach baby food with their feet.

Speaking of things that stink, also on the NeighborGoodies table:

A radio/cassette/cd player (including speakers) with the following caveat attached:

Sweet! As I was snapping photos of this, I got excited about the idea of having something to listen to my cassingles with...but then two loud girls from the building came down so I pretended to do laundry and watched as they squealed about taking the radio and using the speakers for their computer. . .because apparently they feel as though they aren't making enough noise by themselves.

I disagree.

They also took the potpourri. Ruiners.

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