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Friday, May 23, 2008

A Dora Bull

Today, the NeighborGoodieGods have offered up a new place to live, in case the rent is too high here in the Luxurious Hollywood Hills:

It's Dora the Explorer's Color-In Playhouse! Inspired by the classic Dora episode "Dora Explores the Homeless Problem," this handsome cardboard Playhouse (in the shape of a star) is part coloring book, part shelter from the elements:

The previous owner...a girl named Jamie. . .

. . .or "V Jaiem ♥" as those under five spell it. . . has already pre-decorated your new home, leaving it on the table partially colored in! The box was sealed shut with tape, but I did manage to catch a tiny glimpse of the artistic genius that is the work of V Jaiem ♥:

She is a true talent! For those of you who can't get enough Dora--V Jaiem ♥ also left behind her handsome TV tray...

. . .the very tray that she ate her Froot Loops on while being inspired by the episode called "I Married Dora" in which Dora weds an American Citizen in order to stay in the United States and not have to live in a cardboard star-house!

Oh wait. . .

Maybe that was this show:

I often get these two confused. I wonder if V Jaiem ♥ is the artist responsible for this early NeighborGoodies Masterpiece. If so, she's a genius.

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