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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Last Dance

NeighborGoodies Enthusiasts, it is my sad duty to report to you this exclusive:

Hampton Hampster, the Internet's first true celebrity, has perished.
Almost a decade after achieving international fame with his very catchy Hamster Dance, Hampy (as his friends called him), died of natural causes in his home in the Hollywood Hills, which now rests comfortably on the NeighborGoodies table:

He moved to Hollywood with the same hopes and dreams thousands of others do each and every day. As Hampy tried to cash in on his instant fame, he did the talk show circuit, holding court with the greats, such as Keenan Ivory Wayans and Roseanne. Later, Hampy went on to try his paw at acting and was cast in the starring role of Harvey the Wonder Hamster on the short-lived CBS Saturday morning series "The Weird Al Show":

Hampy eventually went behind the camera and directed a few episodes of Friends before eventually settling down as a record producer:

Hampy's albums sold enough copies for him to retire in luxury in this palatial estate, complete with exercise wheel:

The full water-dropper indicates the suddenness with which this shocking loss took place.

One of Hampy's favorite places to play outside of his home was this green plastic cup:

According to long time friend and Global Warming Activist, Al Gore, Hampy just loved to climb into this cup, poke his head out at unsuspecting would-be drinkers and shout"Go Green!"

But now Hampy will never go green...or anywhere else again.

God bless you, Hampton Hampster. We'll miss you. Even if you never learned how to spell Hamster.

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Ludovica said...

There's no "p" in hamster... sigh...