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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The All Star Show

At first, I thought this shirt was just another concert tee from a shitty Woodstock-esque type of festival concert headlined by Jefferson Airplane. . .

. . .But then as I sat down to write this post, I realized that all the band names on this are . . .fake?

"The All Star Show" with its message of "Peace" features acts such as Johnson Airplane, Billy Hendrix, Buffalo Springsteen and Joe Crocker along with stalwarts such as Moody Blue Waters Band, Bruce Butterfield, and the Wonderland Blues Band.

I thought perhaps this shirt was from the world's greatest cover-band concert...but when I Google "The All Star Show" and add any of the acts listed on the shirt, nothing comes up. And as we've learned before...if it's not on Google, it's not real.

A few of the individual names on this shirt do have Google Listings, however:

Headliner Johnson Airplane seems to be an early Airplane Supply company:

Johnson Airplanes boasts a record of flying--having flown 376,821 miles between November 1920 and May 1924 "Without Accident or Injury to Anyone!" Just ask Johnson himself!

So Johnson Airplane isn't a seminal rock band and won't be headlining any sort of show, all-star or otherwise. But I did discover that Billy Hendrix is at least a musician. . .

. . .but i somehow doubt he's sharing the stage with the likes of, say, Bruce Butterfield, Flower Expert:

So what do these people have in common, other than being on this shirt? I have no idea. I can't figure out what this shirt is all about. Can any of you NeighborGoodie Enthusiasts shed any light on this thing? Is it perhaps the work of a lazy (or creative) bootleg t-shirt maker? Or is it something even more sinister? Whatever the answer, I'm definitely more than a little scared of it....but not as terrified as I am of Bruce Butterfield.

Also on the NeighborGoodies table is this pleasant new logo:

Special thanks to Sean at for leaving this on the NeighborGoodies table for all of us to enjoy!

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I did & I'm amazing!

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