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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Ever wonder what books are on a typical coffee table in the Hollywood Hills?

This is about right:

Here, we have an informative guide to Super 8 motels across the country, an old issue of Muscle & Fitness (with the address label portion torn off, indicating that it is, in fact, a subscription) and a copy of the latest Yellow Pages....because apparently, people still use the Yellow Pages somewhere.

Judging from the fitness rag, I imagine that a wannabe actor dropped these items off. He likely moved to LA in pursuit of a career, and after a long road trip across the country (staying only at Super 8s, of course) our hero found his way into Luxury Living in the Hollywood Hills like the rest of us.

If they weren't all on his coffee table, they were probably in his bathroom, along with the only other books in his apartment--all of which are likely about studying acting. That is, of course, unless he's the same NeighborGooder who gave these away a few months ago--In which case, he's given up on acting altogether. That might help explain what I found in this Sephora Bag:

Housed in this bag are about a dozen dirty, crusted and scratched prop sunglasses:

While the level of dust on each of these glasses indicate that they haven't been used in years, the distinct design of each indicates that when they were used, they were used hilariously.

The NeighborGooder was obviously in a (now-defunct) comedy troupe, which no doubt had a clever & creative name such as "Kiss My Skits" or "Steak Har-Har!" When placed on his handsome, actory face, each pair of glasses transformed our NeighborGooder into a plethora of unique and wonderful characters, all now prematurely retired.

Characters such as the Three Blind Guys. . .

Imagine the hilarity of three blind guys wandering the stage,
bumping into each other and shouting
things like "Hey! Watch where you're goin!"

There's also the ever-popular "sees the world through Rose Colored Glasses" guy. . .
"Life is Grand!" announces the lead in this sketch, just before he gets pummeled in a series of wacky mishaps!

And we can't forget his show-stopping John Lennon impression. . .
. . which wouldn't be complete without a Yoko:
Farewell, Comedy Sketch Artist. . . Here's lookin' at you!

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