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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

NeighborGoodies Pop Quiz!

Do you think these people are. . .

A: The first images of missing children (and their abductor) ever to be featured on the back of a milk carton?

B: The Best Album Cover Ever?

C: NeighborGooders who have been happily donating to the table since the 1960s?

Answer now!

Done?'s question two on our quiz!

Are these people:

A: The distraught parents of the missing children from above?

B: Former "Man on the Street" characters from The Onion?

C: The Worst Ad Ever for

This quiz is brought to you by Right & Reason, Ethics in Theory and Practice:

Now available at your local NeighborGoodies table!

OK, pencils down, kids!

If you answered "C" to the above questions, you couldn't be more wrong!

Actually, these images are all from one of the Best NeighborGoodies Ever:

Psychology: A Scientific Study in Human Behavior (4th Edition), is a 1975 Psych textbook that has everything you could ever need on the front cover. And when you turn it over. . .

. . .it has even more!!

I wonder where the people who graced this textbook's cover are now. I imagine the kid on the front . . .

. . . is likely doing time for systematically hunting down and murdering everyone else on the cover, after going crazy when he learned his parents sold his photo for display on a book about crazies.

Perhaps the authors, Wrightsman and Sanford, can study the human behavior around the NeighborGoodies table. Because clearly, it is a fascinating subculture.

I'm a Hippie, and I approve this message!

1 comment:

It's Not Art said...

I'm pretty sure the guy in the headband is merely Chris Elliot on set of the sequel to Cabin Boy. He's definitely going for more of a Captain Ron look in this one.

or not.