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Monday, June 23, 2008

A Place for Tiny Stuff

Luxury has apparently taken a holiday in the Hollywood Hills, as the elevators are broken again. Actually, the proper sentence might be: "The elevators are broken. Still....even though they somehow charged the residents forty grand to fix them less than a year ago." But I digress.

With the elevators being the easiest way to access the NeighborGoodies table, people have been utilizing it less and less. When they do drop stuff off, it's usually small--something that can be carried in the palm of your hand. Something such as...

. . .a Palm Pilot! But not just any Palm! No--this is 1999's classic Palm V! Imagine! All of your contacts and email at your fingertips! Well...actually, all of a NeighborGooder's contacts and email at your fingertips! But who doesn't want to read the email of people living in luxury? I know I do--especially if it's available to me with all the glory of pre-y2k technology!

Also up for the taking is this zip drive...

...which will be especially handy when archiving your list of ancient technological artifacts.

Other tiny things on the table include this container:

This tiny bowl with a teensy lid is about the size of the palm of my hand, and seems like it is designed to hold approximately forty cents in change, some paper clips... and maybe Lily Tomlin.

We've also got this square tin container. . .

...featuring, for some reason, a picture of the Virgin Mary. I can't really think of any conceivable use for this item...but it does have a lid!

Of course, I also thought this used dog toy was useless:

I mean...who wants an old, chewed dog toy? This thing could have been in any filthy mutt's maw--including the apartment manager's! (Which, for the record, is nastier than her dogs' mouths. Hey-o!)

But immediately after I secretly took this picture, Elvis, the best puppy in the building, came in with his owner, who snapped the ball right up. Elvis didn't seem to mind one bit, and the NeighborGoodies Table has once again served its purpose of Stuff Transference.

In other news, you have probably heard by now that George Carlin, one of our greatest comedians, has died. I don't need to tell you how hilarious this guy was, or how inspiring his comedy was to me. Instead, I'll leave you with this piece of classic Carlin, which seems oddly appropriate for NeighborGoodies:

RIP, George Carlin. If you need a place for your stuff...feel free to utilize the Big Blue Table!


Lucia Pamela said...

Would you please hang on to that Virgin Mary tin can for me? Seriously. I'm not even kidding.

Kate said...

Thank you for sharing that George Carlin clip. So appropriate. And what a loss for all of us. RIP, George.