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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Party's Over

Dear NeighborGoodies Enthusiasts...

It is with mixed emotions that I must announce the end of this blog as you and I know it. Senselessly cut down in its prime, Neighborgoodies initially started off as a simple writing exercise, but quickly evolved into a frightening, fact-based look at life in the Hollywood Hills, and its impact will no doubt be felt for generations to come.

So why stop now?

Easy: I got tired of waiting to perish at the hands of one of the many murderers who lived in luxury with me, so I moved. I moved away from the nightmare apartment manager and her yippy dogs; I moved away from the dozens of loud sociopaths that constituted the "tenants" of the building; And, unfortunately, I moved away from the endless piles of Awesome on the Big, Blue table.

But this isn't the end--it's the beginning!

The beginning of what? Well, who the hell knows. I'm embarking on what is sure to be one of the most hellish summers in existence. But after that, I'm sure something will start to happen at some point. And then we'll be at the beginning of whatever that things is. Circle of life, people. Circle of life.

Anyway, until that happens, let's celebrate the legacy that NeighborGoodies leaves behind with this handy-dandy video:

If you still can't get enough, feel free to have a look at some of your top ten favorite NeighborGoodies Posts (as chosen by me) right here:

As I said, one of the reasons I started this blog was to challenge myself to write a story based on whatever accursed objects showed up. This hamster cage spawned a tale of celebrity, fame and death. Not bad for something made of plastic and filled with wood chips.

Canister after canister of shoulder-pads--an amazing find that proved the 80's never really died, they were just placed on the NeighborGoodies Table.

This was one of the first "homemade" Goodies I found... and to this day, I'm pissed at myself for not taking it.

A collection of purses takes us on a journey through a young woman's life. Hilarity, or something like it, ensues.

Inside of a box marked "Plays," I found the key to keeping life full of spice.

The gayest pile of records you'll ever see.

Fear is a terrible, irrational thing. And so is this post.

For all the discussion of murderers everywhere on this blog--this was the first time an actual killer was placed on the NeighborGoodies Table. And while it scared the living hell out of me, the thing that surprised me the most was how long it took for a Manson to show up.

By far, the most bone chilling of all the NeighborGoodies. This thing is just...beyond wrong.

What can I say about this unassuming pile of boobness, other than it is probably the most expensive NeighborGoodie to ever make its way down to the Big Blue Table. And therefore, the most infuriating.

Did I leave YOUR favorite off the list? Feel free to leave a comment here with your most cherished NeighborGoodies memories.

Thanks for reading my ramblings lo these many moons... and I look forward to entertaining you via some other form and some point someday.

Until then, you can get your fill of people's unwanted nonsense at places like Found Magazine, Yard Sale Bloodbath, and Significant Objects.

And stay tuned--perhaps NeighborGoodies will live on in another form beginning this fall....

Or perhaps it won't. Good Day!


Ludovica said...

A Farewell to the Big Blue Table! I was so looking forward to seeing it, how sad you moved before I could come visit you!!

What was that you just muttered under your breath????

Thanks for all the laughs you dear dear friend and I hope very much I do get to see you sometime again (ie August)

Jon said...

This makes me BEYOND sad.

Kmkibble75 said...

You will be missed, neighborgoodies. Seeing what Jeff keeps in his own laundry room just won't be anywhere near as entertaining. (Unsettling, maybe, but not entertaining.)

Sara Reddy Coyne said...

I don't know what to day. They only solace I can find is in knowing that the table still exists, even if you're not writing about it. Thank you for bringing NeighborGoodies into my life, and for sharing so many terrifying finds with us. I'm happy you made it out of that apartment alive!

Jenny said...

Your gain is our loss ... but congrats on getting out of there!!!

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This makes me really sad. Very positive message

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