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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hello Potty

Hello Kitty seems to rear her cute little head a lot here on the NeighborGoodies Table. There were the matching wallet & cap from October 2008...

...not to mention the Hello Kitty Notebook paper from July of this year...

...and who could forget Shamu's Hello Kitty pencil case, left just a few weeks ago:

All are adorable, but none can match the angelic sight of these Hello Kitty shower curtain holders:

I found these kitty-heads lined up in formation on the Big Blue Table, as if someone was trying to start a Cute Parade, or maybe an Adorable Army. This is interesting because up until now, no NeighborGooder has ever seemed to think that presentation was all that important when getting rid of their trash.

As you know, my policy on bathroom-related NeighborGoodies is pretty much set in stone: "If it was near the grout, throw it out." (As opposed to everyone else in this building, who thinks "If it was on the tile, add it to the pile..." or "If it's mired in poo, more for you!") Generally, I think my rule is a good one. However--and this will come as a shock to long-time NeighborGoodies readers:

I think these Hello Kitty shower curtain rings might actually be OK in my book.

I guess presentation really does matter: The line-up of kitty-heads with their pink little bows and big adorable eyes are awfully hard to resist. Just look at them, standing there at attention, waiting for their orders. Sure, they'll likely stab you with the giant hooks coming out of their charming little heads, but at least they'll be just darling when they do it.

The shower curtain itself, however...

...I could probably do without.

My theory was proven when, as I was putting my clothes in the dryer (yes, I was actually using the NeighborGoodies Room to do laundry...) a couple came by and scooped up these kitties. The woman was talking about a child of one of their friends who was "obsessed" with Hello Kitty. She described the girl's bedroom as being "pink and adorable." As they got on the elevator with their armloads of cat-heads, the man looked down at the faces staring up at him and muttered: "terrifying."

I'm sure they've been killed by the Kitty Death Army by now, but they did do one smart thing: They left the shower curtain.


Anonymous said...

That man is one of my favorite people on Earth now.
Comedic gold.


Ludovica said...

(@Anon... He already was one of my favourite people on Earth)

OK call me cynical, but I don't do Disney, and I don't do Hello Kitty and am pretty revolted by most things pink and cutesy. This is because (obviously) I'm a murderer who would prefer an inflatable Manson
(Shirley or Marilyn in preference to Charles, on reflection) to anything here.
I am horrified at you compromising your bathroom goodie standards...but am taking this post as in some way ironic as the idea of you actually liking pink plastic cat heads with big hooks and covered with peoples dead skin cells, really doesn't compute