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Monday, September 28, 2009

Fools Brushin'

Fewer things gross me out more than Bathroom-related NeighborGoodies. Believe me: No one wants anything you're tossing out that once lived in your bathroom. Generally, you're disposing of these things because they have turned your Luxurious Hollywood Hills Apartment into a biohazard. So if you don't want it--why expose your neighbors?

Case in point:

To put it simply: These toiletry totes belong in a landfill. I'm all for "going green," except when doing so puts my hygiene and gums in danger. As disgusting as the used traveling soap-dish is (imagine the soap-slime and the creepy-curly nasties that are still inside...) I believe the toothbrush holder is a thousand times nastier.

To me, using this case could actually be more disgusting than utilizing someone else's toothbrush which, up until right now, was The Worst Thing I Could Imagine. At least you could scrub the toothbrush and set it on fire before brushing, giving yourself some sense of germ destruction. But the toothbrush holder? There's just no way to remove the dried toothpaste, bits of blood and whatever other post-brushing residue that has built-up deep inside of this thing. Unless, of course, you used a toothbrush to clean it out... But then...what would you brush your teeth with?


I may have just blown my own mind and, in the process, given myself gingivitis. I need to go lie down.


Ludovica said...

On this one.. yeah I'm with you.. That's totally skank. I wouldnt even use my own toothbrush holder for more than one vacation, and I'd never use anyone elses.. ugh!You're right.. bathroom related second hand items really are the pits

Zak said...

I think you may have overlooked something here. I think you might be able to use this as some sort of CSI-style evidence to catch the murderer that's loose in the building.