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Friday, May 29, 2009

Animals Are People, Too. Delicious, Delicious People.

A few weeks ago, I posted about some items left by one of the pet owners (or "parents" as they prefer to be called) of the building. I mentioned that they have a little club here in these Luxurious Hollywood Hills Apartments that excludes, shuns, shames and annoys the non-pet owners of the building. The person who left those items out for the "Dog Lovers" of the building must also be responsible for the ASPCA literature lying around on the table this week:

The ASPCA is one of the polite, kind, gentle animal rights groups, like the WWF or STOP--Save The Oppressed Polyesters. They distribute calendars with fuzzy polar bears on them and understand that people are going to keep eating meat, but they're still fighting the good fight to get the animals treated more humanely while they're alive. Couldnt' agree more.

But then there's that... "Other" animal group. You know, the ones who somehow think that violence towards people will curb violence towards animals.

They're the belligerent, over-zealous types ones who leave literature like this all over the place:

Ominous pamphlets such as "Elephants in Zoos: The Truth Revealed" and "Try Vegetarian!" The person who left this propaganda is clearly the woman who assaults you outside of your grocery store, hollering about how animals are tortured before they're killed so you can feed your fat face with them.

And the whole time she's screaming at you about how you're the Anti-Christ for having a hamburger...
...she's forgetting to feed her fish.

Way to go, killer. Guess you're having sushi tonight.

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Ludovica said...

So the ASPCA stuff was just a taster to lure the unsuspecting onto the harder stuff beneath.. How crafty of that piscatarian hypocrite to do that. You should totally get that aquarium set up with a whole bunch of THESE in maybe they wont be so dewey eyes about the animal world then when a mini facehugger freaks them out