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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Attention All Ye Who Enter...

Lots of things get abandoned on the NeighborGoodies Table. Often, I will offer sad, stabby reasons for these things. And although some may think I'm embellishing or, for some reason, just "making it up," I like to think I'm pretty much dead-on over 2,000% of the time. That's a pretty good track record!

For example, I think there's only one way to read today's NeighborGoodie...

...and that is to assume this NeighborGooder has abandoned all hope:

While few people are this literal about it, losing hope is an all-too common occurrence here in the luxurious Hollywood Hills.

People flock here from all walks of life to try and live out their dreams of becoming actors, writers, illegal immigrants, etc. Unfortunately, their dreams are often crushed and they are forced to become waiters, American citizens, or, heaven forbid, celebrity gossip bloggers. And, just like that, all hope is lost.

Although today at NeighborGoodies, we learn a very important lesson: All hope is not lost. It's just... hanging out on a Big Blue Table in some laundry room somewhere, in a crappy little basket someone found on sale at the Hallmark store the week after Valentine's Day.

Keep hope alive!


Ludovica said...

:D 2,000% is somewhat over-egging the pudding to my mind, but we'll gloss over the mathematics here.
What exactly in in the basket? Could it be, as suggested by the naive hopefulness of the Obamicon, entirely empty? Or does it, in fact, contain some abandoned and unlovely "gift"; an unpleasant surprise? I fear this too may be a metaphor concealed within the Hope basket.
Much to ponder. Issues reaching far beyond the tawdriness of the abandoned item.
Hope.. empty, abandoned, gathering dust..How can we bear the poignancy of it? (weeps dramatically)

RachelV said...

I would love that basket-I need some hope!