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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

NeighborGuardie's Blue Table Report #1

Hey, scumbags. This is Ol’ Guardie comin’ atchya from NeighborGoodies Central. I’m keepin’ an eye on things while Jeff is out carousin’ with his hooligan friends during this ‘ere “Upgrade.” Wouldn’t want any varmints comin’ in and removin’ our blue fun table, eh? If they try that, they gonna have ME to answer to—and I got a strong background in “persuasion” if ye catch my drift. YAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA!

So far, things is goin’ pretty slowly. All the machines are out of the laundry room an’ in the parkin' garage:

The Blue Table is still hangin’ in there...

...but ain't nobody gettin' into (or out of! Yahahhahha!) the laundry room 'cept me, so no one’s leavin’ any of their crap around.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress while Jeff is busy infecting the east.

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