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Monday, August 18, 2008

Good Time Women

Housewives and gay men everywhere love Martha Stewart. I personally don't see the appeal, as I find her a little bit... forceful with her unique brand of OCD.

For example, if you are in the studio audience for her syndicated talk show, you might be treated to a piece of swag with the "MARTHA" logo on it. Most shows will hand you a balled up t-shirt that you'd stick in your pocket or massive 1980's purse:

...but when you go to see Martha, she passively aggressively suggests that you fold it neatly, her way, by attaching the Martha-approved: "How to Fold a T-shirt" instruction manual to each of her gifts:
Her entire empire seems to be based upon the motto "Do it my way, or fail!" Anyone foolish enough to unwrap the t-shirt in front of her will immediately be seized and placed in a brainwashing chamber filled with Lemon Pledge fumes and reruns of Martha Stewart Living until she becomes a t-shirt folding , cupcake decorating housewife zombie.

I hesitate to think what Martha might do if she saw the stained NeighborGoodies table, in all its unfolded T-shirt glory:

Whatever her reaction, I can guarantee it will not be good times.


Kate said...

She's actually mellowed since going to prison. I think she might actually have been on a softball team and that was their team shirt. "Softball. It's a Good Thing."

InALittleMinute said...

Did the curiousity of "knowing how to fold a T-Shirt" get the better of you, and cause you to try it her way? I would def think shes a bit OCD.