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Thursday, March 13, 2008

What The World Needs Now. . ..

Today's NeighborGoodie is a booklet from a production called "Blame It On Bacharach," which was staged over the weekend in LA.

To those of you who are, somehow unfamiliar with the Genius that is Burt Bacharach. . .

. . .shame on you! He wrote pretty much every song you've ever heard in your life, some of which are listed on the front cover of this booklet:

I tried to look for some information on this show, but mainly all I could find was this:

The 24th Annual Southland Theatre Artists Goodwill Event–S.T.A.G.E–will present "Blame It On Bacharach!" a celebration of the magic that is composer Burt Bacharach.

Great...but it doesn't really explain what this show is. I dug a little deeper and discovered:

Stage, screen and recording stars will sing and dance in Blame It On Bacharach!, a special concert saluting legendary pianist and composer Burt Bacharach and benefiting AIDS Project L.A. programs and services.

There were dozens of celebs scheduled to perform the many hits of Burt, including:

  • Mary Jo Catlett (who replaced Charlotte Rae as the Drummond's maid on Diff'rent Strokes during the rough Dixie Carter years)
  • Nancy Dussault (Ted Kinght's wife from Too Close For Comfort)
  • Marilu Henner (of Taxi fame)
  • Stefanie Powers (of Hart to Hart--which was brought back as a series of TV Movies in the 90s. Who knew??)
These people, paired up with Burt Bacharach's music, must have been quite show. I wonder if Burt was there, accepting whatever it is these people are blaming on him...

Anyway, here are some clips of Burt himself for you to enjoy. . .

First up, here's his Geico commercial, where I'm pretty sure he's drunk. . .

And here's an amazing background look at an interview with Burt Bacharach--where I'm pretty sure everyone involved is drunk:

And finally, here is a video of one of his songs being played on someone's record player.

Because that's not a massive misuse of technology at all. (this guy has the ability to digitally shoot and edit something on his computer, yet some how MP3s have escaped him.)

Anyway. . .here's to Wishin & a-Hopin...that you've enjoyed today's NeighborGoodie! I'll be back soon with more...'Cuz That's What Friends Are For. . .


I need a drink.

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