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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

G. Grilled... and hold the Special Sauce

Today's collection of nonsense includes this copy of the Flirting With Disaster soundtrack:

The movie was pretty hilarious, but I was unaware of its soundtrack until discovering it upon the Neighborgoodies table. It's got tracks by Cake, Urge Overkill and Southern Culture on the Skids mixed in with lines of dialog from the movie itself. Harmless enough...except that Track 3 is a song by G-Dammed G. Love and the Philly Cartel. . .apparently the Special Sauce even needed some time away from him at this point.

I know there are G. Love fans out there (Dave) and I simply don't understand. I'm sure he's a very nice guy, but, as I've said many times: G. Love needs a Glove right in the mouth.

Perhaps he will stop singing if we push him face down in this George Foreman Grill . . .

. . .because Lord knows, I wouldn't want to actually use this greasy, grimy item to cook any food.

Again....I don't want any food prep device of any kind that wasn't factory sealed when I took it into my luxurious apartment in the Hollywood Hills.

If anyone dared to cook anything in this. they might Perish. . .

. . .Twice!

Which would be nice...if they were G. Love.


Kate said...

That grill is just filthy. Seriously, they couldn't clean it? Was it just so dirty they had to get rid of it and they thought, hey, I'll just "donate" it. I put that in the same category as people who donate clothes without washing them first.

You might be interested to know that I donated that paperback to the cancer center family library drop box at our local grocery store. Last week. (Hubby's trading all his paperback Spenser novels for hardcover)

Bookie! said...

Hi, I need to know about any more books by that authort. That is my favorite author and I only read books by him!!

Amber said...

Lord, my in-laws handed down a grill just like that (and about as dirty as that) to me and my husband. We were too nice to say no.