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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hep Catfish

We have some pretty sweet NeighborGoodies today:

This HP Deskjet 812C is an inkjet printer which, according to the sign, works fine and just needs ink! It also needs a computer from before Y2k so you can hook it up with this Parallel Cable:

The printer also comes complete with a sticker from, which bills itself as "The Ultimate Source For All Your Beat Generation Needs." I didn't even know I had Beat Generation Needs! Thank goodness for this printer! Perhaps the note indicating that the printer is free and needs ink is actually a beat poem. (I'm hep. I can recognize these things.)

The next item up on the NeighborGoodies table is this confusing thing:

With the words "Baby Pellet" highlighted in yellow, I couldn't figure out what the hell this was. At first, I thought it was maybe some sort of additive for baby formula left over from the other day. . . But then, as I examined the back, amongst the ingredients. . .

. . .I discovered this phrase:

As I poked around the web site, I discovered that this is actually some sort of Japanese fish food. (It's not for Japanese's just a food product from Japan for fish of all nationalities. . .)

The web has things like this on it:

Both of which seem to belong over at

I guess used fish food isn't nearly as nasty as used baby food...but as far as I'm concerned, it's still suspect. Especially since this NeighborGooder suddenly has no use for it. Fish Murderer.


Kate said...

Well, I have lots of Beat Generation Needs.

I wouldn't be too confident with fish food left over from a deceased fish. Perhaps that's what killed it.

SeanPete said...

Dare I admit to you I owned that sticker. Oh yes, and even a glorious 812C printer.

The sticker was picked up in San Francisco at the grand opening of the static beat museum in North Beach; a museum that also tours the US in Bookmobile form.

The printer was picked up at Office Depot in San Ramon at the Presidents' Day sale; a sale that is good for nothing else. Except maybe for needed books.


Ooo! Neighbor Goodies
You make me never proclaim
"I wish I had a..."

dmd said...

I have that printer in my classroom. No joke.