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Monday, June 15, 2009

Killer Art

As you know, most of the NeighborGoodies featured on this blog come directly from Hell. They are filthy, possibly cursed objects that nobody ever, ever wants.


But then there are the rare Goodies that, in my opinion, should be displayed in museums--homemade items that are nothing short of works of art! Of course, that's not to say they aren't also from hell:

First up is this remarkably dark and twisted collage. With words like murder...
and phrases like "scream 'help' like a little girl" highlighted, it's clear this piece was inspired by the artist's life amongst the killers here in the Luxurious Hollywood Hills.

Flipping over this masterpiece, you'll find the artist's full name...
...along with the teacher's name from her Art III Honors class, who no doubt had Randi thrown into counseling the second she turned this project in.

(Note: All pertinent info has been blurred out to protect the gothy high school artist girl from future acts of violence against her. And, of course, to prevent said artist/murderer from Googling herself and finding out that we know she's a would-be killer.)

After being hauled off to counseling, Randi returned to honors art and revealed herself as no longer being afraid--but is a strong young woman, looking to keep her GPA up:

I seriously cannot believe how amazing this painting is. The montage of tiger and woman speaks volumes. Randi's inner beast is now unleashed in her art, as if to say "Raaaar! I'm a tiger! Do not attack me, for I will Raaar at you! Now I must get a scholarship to lesbian school! Because without college, I will have a dark future! And with my uncertain past...


Good luck in Lesbian School, Randi. We here at NeighborGoodies certainly hope to see more of your art here very soon!


Ludovica said...

Hry! That's actually pretty cool. My daughter would love to have that!

Not really my sort of thing personally I like art that stills the raging murderer within not inflames it, but nevertheless this is a pretty good Goodie!

E-Rock Obama said...

Ludo you crazy!!!

Sara Reddy Coyne said...

I am fascinated -- FASCINATED -- that Randi (or her parents) thought the best place for this was on the table in the laundry room at the luxury apartment complex. Fascinating.