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Monday, March 2, 2009


While I often use the words "Scary" and "Terrifying" to identify NeighborGoodies, few actually rattle me to my core like this one does:

I think I speak for everyone when I wet my pants with fright and shout, "GOOD FUCKING CHRIST GET IT AWAY!"

I'd like to say this item, made out of what seems to be a wedding veil, is some sort of Halloween decoration, but its appearance four months after the holiday (and, coincidentally, eight months before it...) makes me think that it's something far more sinister.

The presence of the stick indicates that perhaps this monster is meant to be some sort of puppet, although clearly not intended for children. I have to believe no kid's puppet is going to have menacing red hair coming up out of its neckline...

...or a fiery crotch down below:

So if it's not a puppet, and it's not a Halloween decoration... then there really is only one other possible use for this item: Voodoo Doll. Clearly, this is an item that someone, somewhere was using to get back at somebody for something.

I'm sorry I can't be more specific today, but I am simply too frightened to give it even another moment's thought.


Zak said...

Perhaps this was used in the murder of the person(s) stuffed in the coolers...

Ludovica said...

Hahaha! I love how it is wearing a fiery fig leaf over its non existant luggage.

Undoubtedly this has been used in some horrifying ritual as practiced in your apartment building by the coven of evil devil worshipping witches that live there.. Read "Rosemary's Baby" recently???.. Be on the look out for stuff like, oh you know, and Anti-Christ or something getting born in your building. I'm sure Nostradamus would totally approve of the Anti-Christ being born living in luxury in the Hollywood Hills.. that seems a no-brainer to me. Perhaps this is the crib mobile for such a child.... This is happening near YOU... Only you can save us all!!....