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Thursday, March 18, 2010

International Week!

It's International Week™ at NeighborGoodies! What makes it International™?

Well, it was St. Patrick's Day yesterday, and that's Irish. And today, there's a bunch of Mexican stuff on the Big Blue Table. How much more International can we be?

Clearly, one of the people Living in Luxury here in the Hollywood Hills considers themselves a world traveler, just because they popped down to Tijuana for the weekend.

Behold these two sets of Authentic Mexican Maracas...
...along with, for some reason, a bunch of thread. INTERNATIONAL THREAD, I BET!

I'm no Sewing Artist, but I bet someone with some talent could make a sexy little dress out of that thread. An international dress, perhaps:

The Mexican Salsa-Diva NeighborGooder also may have created these items, as they reek of international homemade nonsense:

I have no idea what this pink hat thing is supposed to be...

..but the item next to it is, undoubtedly...

...a taco. Made of fabric. With yellow felt cheese, tomatoes...even a scallion! All wrapped neatly inside a black (possibly tweed) shell.

Now I'm no cook, but even I know you can't eat a taco made out of felt. It's likely this could have started off as a real International Taco, was taken across the border as a leftover, and now, heaven-only-knows how many months later, some sort of rot-related molecular-shift occurred. (They don't use preservatives like we do here in The States... perhaps they should start.)

Of course, it's also entirely likely that this NeighborGooder never left Los Angeles, and picked up all of these things at a terrible "Tex-Mex" chain restaurant:

And if that's the case, well... this wasn't a very International™ post at all.

Umm... waitress?

Check, por favor.


Ludovica said...

"felt taco" isn't something I ever expected to read on this blog...

Anne said...

It is more of a yarn, than a thread... Not to be picky or anything.

Jak said...

Actually the "taco" is a cloth sushi roll.

I'm not sure which is more disturbing.

Alicia said...

I was going to say that the "taco" looks to me like a bouquet of flowers but I see Jak says its a sushi roll so I don't know now. The thread is yarn, not to be picky as Anne says. I'm not even gonna try to mix Ludovica into this conversation cause I don't like the turn that "felt taco" comment could take :-)

Alicia said...

I had to comment again cuz u know how you have to do the word verification? Well right after I posted the comment the next word was "furrapt". After that taco comment of Ludovica...well I'm just saying. Furrapt?