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Monday, July 6, 2009

Light Club

Nothing lights up a room quite like a lamp... figuratively and literally, of course. A good lamp can take a room to the next level. And then there are lamps like this:

I think I speak for everyone when I say this monstrosity is perhaps best enjoyed in the darkness--especially when you consider the lampshade that is on the Big Blue Table with it:

I actually like this lampshade, to be honest, but the fugly factor when the two items are combined is enough to make anyone wish they were blind:

Now I'm no decorator, but just because both of these items could technically be described as "floral" doesn't mean they were meant to be together. If faced with the option of illuminating my Luxurious Hollywood Hills apartment with this lamp/lampshade combo or with, say, a dozen or so glowsticks...

...well, I guess the only thing to say is "Bring on the Rave!" Sure, my apartment would be filled with people on ecstasy trying to lick each other and my furniture... but at least I'd save on electricity!

It just blows my mind that some strung-out raver in the building actually bought their "Lightning Rods!" in bulk. I love the idea of a drug-fueled shopping binge at Costco, with carts full of lollipops, whistles and glow-sticks. I guess it's true what they say: "You Can't Spell 'Value' without E."


Ludovica said...

So funny! :D Alas my daughter does buy glo-sticks in bulk and theyre still sufficiently novel to mesmerize us both, simple country folks that we are. That I have only encountered them at hippy festivals rather than trendy raves isnt my fault, it's an age thing. Im not sure what I would do with people who tried to lick each other or the furniture. I dont have a lot of furniture tbh just piles of junk that ought to be on your blue table probably, and nobody has attempted to lick any part of me for more years than you can shake a glo-stick at, but even so, that lamp/shade combo is even too ugly for me. Not a fan of lamps anyway, too easy to knock over. Maybe I should come and fetch the glo-sticks myself when Im in your neck of the woods from 23rd July onwards? ;-)

E-Rock Obama said...

mmmmmm grace jonessss!!!!!!!

p.s. LUDO U CRAZY!!!!