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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pot Luck

There's a mish mash of items in today's Neighborgoodies.

First up, in the "things no one wants in their kitchen" department, there's this rusty, nasty pot.

I could almost taste the rusted baked bean residue as I took the photo. It comes with a matching less-rusty-but-more-scratched partner as well:

Mmmm...boil an egg in this and get little flecks of teflon in every bite! Wahoo!

There's also a plethora of random cups for your drinking pleasure:

First up is this handsome purple "Thirsty-Two Ouncer" from AM/PM Mini Markets. Next is this yellow goblet. . .

. . .which currently contains a candle holder. Just in case you want to drink some hot wax after your Teflon omelet.

And you can round it all out with this . . .dildo?'s probably not a dildo. It's a stylish bottle of cologne (or, more likely, urine.)

Note: After taking this photo, I went to the gym and when I returned, I discovered this bottle had been placed on top of the car which belongs to the filthy aging spinster who now manages the apartment building... which makes me worry about what she's doing with the NeighborGoodies. Perhaps this is why her fucking yipyap dogs never stop barking. . .they are being sexually assaulted by the NeighborGoodies at the hands of their hobo owner! (Who, by the way, has taken to letting her dogs potty all over the courtyard we all share. Thanks for raising our rent, cuntface! Yes. It certainly is Luxury Living in the Hollywood Hills. . .)

1 comment:

davelip said...

That's Pierre Cardian cologne!! In 1985 that stuff was EXPENSIVE!

You really need to start taking some of these things when available.